We treat the services listed below and other non-life threatening emergencies.

Questions? Call us at (808) 327-4357

To make an appointment please click the below link to fill patient registration form and call to schedule an appointment. Walkups also treated.

Patient Registration Form

Below is a partial list of services we offer:

Cold or Flu Symptoms

Strep Throat

Eye and Ear Infections

Cuts, Bruises, Burns and Sprains

Respiratory Infections

Sinus Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Bladder Infections

Staph and Skin Infections

Allergy Symptoms

General Healthcare

Fever, Vomiting

Our Testing Services Include:

Rapid Strep Test



Covid 19


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 pm

Saturday 9 AM–3 pm


Sore Throats

Bladder Infections


Sinus Infections

Ear Infections/Aches


Urinary Tract Infections

Covid-19 Testing for Positive and Sick Patients

We can perform testing for Covid-19 with results within 2 hours

Treatment with Paxlovid or any other treatments as indicated

Fill out the patient registration form online and call (808) 327-4357 for an appointment then stop by the office for testing. No other steps or visits needed.

Patient Registration Form